What if I need to miss a couple of classes? With our busy pace of life, it is generally difficult for parents to make every class. As a rule, if you are able to attend a minimum of 4 or 5 classes, you will get a great deal from the series. You are welcome to make up the classes that you missed at a future, compatible series.

I am a parent of teenagers, is it too late for me to take this class?  It is never too late to take the class!  It is important to remember that we can always improve our relationships. Because parenting a teen can be so challenging - Positive Discipline can support us through those challenging times by giving us tools and helping us focus on or even remember what it is we really for our teen and our relationship with them.

I have a 10 month old.  Does it make sense for me to take the class now?  This is your call. Certainly some of the issues discussed in the class will be ones that you do not relate to, however, parents who like to think about things ahead of time will be happy to have a framework from which to parent in the future. 

Do people take the class more than once?  Yes – parents frequently ask this question. Parents find it very supportive to take the class a second or even a third time.  Our children continue to grow and when take the class again, we give ourselves the opportunity to think more about our parenting and perhaps understand the information at a new and deeper level. 

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