Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

Currently I’m offer parent coaching (Zoom or phone) and women’s writing circles (Zoom).  Email me or schedule a time to discuss either of these options. I’d love to learn about your interest and share more!

The writing circles are new.  A year and a half ago I joined a small writing group and it’s been a lifeline for me. Through this consistent practice of writing, I’ve started to feel more connected with myself and more able to tap into my inner knowing, amidst the formidable noise.

In January I embarked on a teacher training program in Wild Writing with Laurie Wagner. One component of this five month journey is to get my feet wet by facilitating a writing group — that’s what I’m excited to offer you now!

The Gist
I’m offering weekly 1.5 hour writing circles over 4 weeks. During each meeting I will share poems and suggest prompts as jumping off points for us to write from together for 7 – 15 minutes. We’ll have 3 writing periods and after each we’ll read our writing aloud and listen while each person reads.  We won’t comment on or critique each other’s writing but will simply listen, witness and honor each person’s voice.

The Why
The purpose of this writing circle is to allow room for freestyle, unedited expression. (You won’t be writing an essay or beginning your novel!) Instead, I’ll encourage us all to keep the pen moving and in doing so, allow less opportunity for the voice of the critic to arise. This style of writing leans towards the intimate and when we’re lucky, the content of our heart ends up on the page.

There’s an intelligence inside each of us that often gets blocked. I’ve found this untamed writing has given me the time and space to listen to what’s going on inside. Learn more by setting up a time to talk.

One-on-One Coaching

Office Hour

Sign up for an office hour when you need a one time session to brainstorm solutions  for a specific issue.  Fee:  $80

Ready to get started? Access my schedule to find a time to meet!


You bring your list of challenges and I bring my Positive Discipline know how. Together we work through your issues coming up with specific tools and long term strategies. You’ll get homework, accountability and recommended reading.  Fee: $300

Ready to get started? Access my schedule to find a time to meet!

Initial Consultation

During this free 30 minute phone conversation you’ll learn more about how I work and I’ll learn more about your concerns and goals for parenting.

We’re a great fit if:

  • You’re open to learning
  • You see you and your kids on the same team
  • You believe in your potential to grow
  • You enjoy a challenge 🙂
  • You’re excited to partner with me

We’re not a great fit if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix
  • You want me to tell you what to do
  • You want to mold your kids
  • You believe your kids need to be seen and not heard
  • You don’t believe change is possible for you

NOTE:  My work isn’t a magic bullet. I don’t believe there’s one-size-fits-all quick fix when it comes to parenting and life. That said, many of the Positive Discipline strategies and tools that I recommend work like magic for the parents who utilize them with love.

I face everyday difficult situations that come up with much more ease.

IMG_0728 - Version 2I am the mom of two young boys. I took the one-on-one coaching sessions with Lisa and gained so much valuable insight to help with my parenting challenges. Lisa is very thorough, organized and easy to talk with. She helped me think through some tough questions and doubts that I needed to overcome in order to make better choices as a parent. After working with Lisa, I feel a greater sense of confidence and have become more relaxed and playful as a parent. I face the everyday difficult situations that come up with much more ease. I highly recommend Lisa’s parenting classes and/or the individual sessions. I think we all feel overwhelmed and frustrated at times as a parent and it’s so helpful to learn some positive methods to move through these situations.  

Francoise Bason
Oakland, California

It would have taken me 300 miles of running with friends to come to the conclusion we did today. My knees thank you!

valerieYou were able to listen to my mumbling and take what I said and repeat it in a way that helped me focus. Certain words you heard, I didn’t even realize I had said. When we started, I felt like I was headed to work – but by the end we were somewhere completely different and unexpected… It would have taken me 300 miles of running with friends to come to the conclusion we did today. My knees thank you!

Valerie Boes
Raising 3 beautiful kids

Oakland, California

Lisa’s careful listening and insightful comments led to a manageable plan that I was excited about.

sarahI signed up for a coaching session with Lisa to help me move toward a goal I’d had for 10 years: applying to grad school. In talking with her, I discovered a major stumbling block that had been holding me back. That alone was extremely helpful.

Lisa’s careful listening and insightful comments led to a manageable plan that I was excited about, and being accountable to someone kept me on track. Within six months, I’d done what I’d been wanting to do for a decade, and now I’m back to school in the fall. Endless gratitude, Lisa!!

Sarah Moxon
Social Work Grad Student!

Oakland, California