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Parenting with Positive Discipline Series

Positive Discipline is kind and firm, promotes mutual respect and cooperation between parents and children, all while maintaining clear boundaries and expectations.  In this class you’ll learn practical and effective tools to encourage cooperation and address challenging behavior without resorting to threats and punishment.

When:  7 Thursdays beginning September 28 from 11:30AM – 1PM PT.

Where: Zoom!  Your lunch hour + parenting class!

What: Visit here to learn more about the series and here learn more about Positive Discipline.

Cost:  $360 per individual, $180 for second caregiver (parent, grandparent, care-giver).

To request financial assistance email lisa@lisafullercoaching.com.

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It’s my passion to help you gain understanding, clarity and practices to get back on the path of positive parenting.

I’m inviting you to spend seven 1.5 hour classes with me and a dynamic group of like minded parents. Together we’ll turn your parenting challenges into social and life skills for success – or at least take leaps and bounds in that direction!

Series begins September 28th, via Zoom!

As you might guess, I’ve faced MANY parenting challenges myself. I don’t know any parent who hasn’t. Since I’ve started practicing Positive Discipline, my relationships with my children have grown and deepened. Below read what parent’s who’ve taken the series have to say:

My husband and I recently took Lisa’s class. We have 2 boys ages 2 and 5. Our goals going into the class were to get on the same page with our parenting and to yell less/be less frustrated. Recently, my mom remarked to me that we seem happier and the kids seem more well behaved!


 Although we are not perfect, I feel that the class certainly helped us achieve our goals. The following story illustrates how the Positive Discipline model has changed my parenting;
It was a particularly stressful morning at our house. My 5 year old was refusing to get dressed and my 2 year old was refusing to eat breakfast, and of course we were running late. I could feel myself getting close to flipping my lid. Instead of yelling at them, I calmly said, “mommy is feeling frustrated. I don’t want to yell at you guys so I’m going to take a break and calm down.” I went into my bedroom and shut the door. They proceeded to scream for about a minute but then I noticed it got quiet. I took some deep breaths and came out of my room. My 2 year old was eating his breakfast. My 5 year old was quietly laying on his bed. I said to him in a loving voice “hey, I notice you’re not dressed and it’s almost time to leave for school. What do you think we should do?” He quickly replied, “get dressed!” and without any hesitation he put on his clothes and we left on time.

In general, I have become much more aware of what I say and how I say it. In addition, we have tools/techniques to problem solve when conflicts arise. With the concepts and tools of Positive Discipline, our boys are learning to problem solve themselves. This is in contrast to other parenting models which impose rules & discipline externally. They are seeing that their voices are valued in our family and that we ALL practice mutual respect. My husband and I are very grateful for Lisa’s class and would highly recommend it to any parent!
Alexis Harrington
Labor & Deliver Nurse, Lactation Consultant
Oakland, California



I highly recommend Lisa’s classes for anyone that is struggling with parenting challenges and is craving a more loving and mutually respectful connection with their children.

402440_2899685265578_195849265_nI attended Lisa’s Positive Discipline Series to help me with my own children AND to enhance the work that I do with families.  Lisa’s style is relaxed, collaborative, well thought out and she has the ability to dig deep with parents to discuss challenging topics in a compassionate way. I learned a tremendous amount in her class and I now have many new parenting strategies and tools. Personally, I feel more connected to my children and have a better understanding of how to navigate difficult situations when they inevitably come up. I highly recommend Lisa’s classes for anyone that is struggling with parenting challenges and is craving a more loving and mutually respectful connection with their children.

Jocelyne Gardner, MSW
Oakland, California

The class was the perfect tonic to get me back on the parenting path that I had wanted for myself since the beginning.

jaredI have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa since her now-seventeen-year-old son was in my sixth grade humanities class in 2007. I was familiar with Positive Discipline from a teaching perspective, and when my twins were born in January 2009 I knew that I wanted to raise my kids with a positive discipline approach. By the time they turned three, I had moved on from teaching, and my positive discipline skills had lapsed. I was having a difficult time dealing with the behavior of two three year olds. I was often angry, I yelled a lot, and I had a hard time letting things go.

I contacted Lisa and signed up for her class right away. The class was the perfect tonic to get me back on the parenting path that I had wanted for myself since the beginning.

Reading the Positive Discipline book, participating in the class discussions, and learning from Lisa’s encouraging teaching style reminded me of what I had previously known (and since failed to apply on a regular basis) about positive discipline. The class also gave me many more techniques to use in my day-to-day interactions with my children.

Since taking the class, I have noticed that I don’t yell as much, I consider my actions and behaviors more carefully, and I am more connected with my kids. I now give more respect to them, instead of only demanding respect from them. We now work more as a team. I often think back to the role plays, the stories that other parents shared, and the patient and guiding way that Lisa addressed the difficulties of parenting that we all expressed throughout the seven weeks of the positive discipline class. It has all become an integral part of my day-day parenting.

I would recommend this class to any parent who knows that there are better ways to interact with your kids, but just aren’t sure what those ways are. If you go in with a willingness to learn, change, and apply the techniques over the long haul, I cannot recommend Lisa’s Positive Discipline class enough. It could literally change your life.

Jared Karol
Digital Content Manager


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