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A few nights ago I was on a Zoom for parents of middle schoolers and an impromptu theme emerged -
Our current situation I've been thinking about you. This is a tough time for everyone, including parents. It's extraordinarily important
My heart ached because of the obvious social injustice that permeates every aspect of our society but there was more.
Remember that day last summer when I took the girls to the pool and I decided to get out of
It’s summer and my daughter and her friend want to go to the pool to play. I fantasize that the
Dear Devoted You, Mother’s Day is a sweet time to recognize all the good. I feel so lucky because I’ll
Being a parent brings up loads of baggage -- memories, judgments, regrets, and even feelings of shame. We project these
It was the end of our summer time together. My sister and I had a van FULL of kids, hers,
by Victoria Thorp In recent weeks, a new book called “Grit,” by Dr. Angela Duckworth has made quite a splash, with
Shortly after Eric finished up my 7- week parenting series, he sent me this story which beautifully illustrates the power