Writing Circles

You’re invited to join the Writing Circle, a small group of people who come together to put words on the page.  In the Circle we show up, not necessarily as writers but as people who feel more connected to ourselves and to what’s important to us when we write.

In the Writing Circle, we use a technique called Wild Writing.

In this practice we write continuously, pen never leaving the page, because it helps to keep the critic at bay, and quiet the perfectionist in us.

In the Circle, we’re encouraged to write as poorly as possible, to connect our brain, our heart and our intuitionand simply see what emerges on the page.

In the Circle we’re reminded that we don’t need to be fancy or smart or anything other than ourselves to belong.

In the Circle we read our stories aloud and listen to others read.  We don’t critique or give feedback but instead we witness by listening deeply.

This is for you if:

  • you want to write but don’t make the time or space to do it,
  • you’re ready for a deeper connection to yourself,
  • you seek a grounding practice and suspect your true voice has more to say and are interested in hearing it,
  • you have the courage to read your writing aloud and to listen to others read sometimes raw and personal material,
  • you don’t seek instruction and feedback on your writing.

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The Circle supported me during a time I needed clarity. It helped me throw down words that somehow helped me see more clear in what I’ve been feeling, why I’ve been feeling that way, and that it’s OK to feel that way. Also, that other people felt the same way I do. It was so nice to know that I’m not alone.

I would definitely recommend the writing circle. I was nervous at first to read out loud what I wrote, but when we started reading everyone was so kind. No judgement, no comment, just waves and smiles. It felt good to express my heart and have strangers acknowledge it as valuable.

Since I started the class I find myself journaling in a deeper way. I’m still not consistent in my journaling, but when I do, I feel like I just write without boundaries and it feels good.

I really love the format. I love having poems read and really listening to each line. I’m not sure it would be as valuable for me if I had to read them then write. Having Lisa read them made them come alive in a way they wouldn’t if I read them myself. Now I know why kids love it when parents read to them 😉

Suzie Puetz 
Suzie Puetz

I have a growing care and affection for those in my small group. I know it’s from seeing their realness out on the table instead of the usual “put on your best outfit and make small talk” encounter. These times of sharing are transformative leaving behind the transactional exchanges of everyday life.


I enjoy waiting and not knowing or having any idea for that matter what thoughts will come out of me! It’s always a bit of a surprise which shows me it’s something in there that wants to be out, heard, or acknowledged. Then later I can look at it and ponder it further if I choose.


I believe the format and smallness of the group is perfect. No critique or judgement … eventually you look forward to hear what each person is saying because you care deeply about them and their thoughts even though when the course started, I didn’t even know them!