You love your children more than anything in this world… But sometimes they drive you crazy!

You LOSE IT with your kids and then beat yourself up for falling short. You and your partner keep bickering about the same old stuff. The stress. The resentment. Good cop, bad cop. TIRED cop. At work you feel competent, together and even skilled but at home it’s a different story. Schedule a time for us to meet.

You’ve read all the parenting books… You try your best to do what’s right… So why is it so darn hard to be the parent you always imagined you’d be?

Because you’re human. And parenting is messy.

I’ve got good news, though: it can get better!

I know this because I have three kids. I’ve known the overwhelm all too well. I’ve worked with hundreds of parents who’ve felt exactly like you – and I know that it doesn’t have to be this hard.

You can absolutely experience more joy, peace, and genuine connection with your kids and yourself. Even in the midst of a busy life.

Schedule a time for us to meet. Parents who work with me find a renewed sense of lightness. They understand themselves better, they understand their kids better, and this fresh perspective brings a whole new energy into their lives. On top of that, they’re equipped with a toolbox full of strategies to handle even the most demanding parenting moments.

Parenting is tough. But it doesn’t have to be SO tough. (In fact, it can even be FUN!)

I offer LIVE Parenting with Positive Discipline Classes in Oakland, California, and one-on-one coaching by phone. I know parenting is your top priority. Join me today to create more positive long-term connections with your kids! Schedule a time for us to meet.